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Our (discourse) is directed above all firmly to all those, who intend to renounce to follow their own will, and wish with purity of military spirit for the supreme and true King, because they assume the famous armor of obedience, fulfilling it with very special care, and bring it to perfection with perseverance. We therefore exhort you that up to this moment you have embraced the secular militia, in which Christ was not the cause, but only for human favor, so that you may be part of those whom God has chosen from the mass of perdition and for free compassion gathered for the defense of Holy Church, you hasten to join us forever. But first of all, whoever you are, or soldier of Christ, that you have chosen such a holy conversation, it is necessary that you use a pure diligence towards your profession and a firm perseverance; this, which is known to be of God, so worthy saint and sublime, you deserve to get strong, among the militants, who gave their souls for Christ if with purity and perseverance will be observed.

Above all things, whosoever would be a knight of Christ, you in your profession of faith must unite pure diligence and firm perseverance, which is so worthy and so holy, and is known to be so noble, that if it is preserved untainted forever, you will deserve to keep company with the martyrs who gave their souls for Jesus Christ. God works well with us and our savior Jesus Christ; He has sent his friends from the Holy City of who for our salvation and the spread of the true faith do not cease to offer their souls to God, a welcome sacrifice.

0 you venerable brethren, similarly God is with you, if you promise to despise the deceitful world in perpetual love of God, and scorn the temptations of your body: sustained by the food of God and watered and instructed in the commandments of Our Lord, at the end of the divine office, none should fear to go into battle.

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